A very special thanks to
Faith Lutheran Church for the use of their facility for our Chorale & Symphony rehearsals.

Menchey Music Company
Firaxis Games
Ion Balu - Balu Musik
Brass Arts UnLimited

Susan McBride
Cynthia & Tom Whitman
Joan Loughry
Erin Surette
Judy Shipp
Leslie Sipe
Elizabeth  Fetters
Terry Santinette
Rebecca Puente
Wilson Heaps
Charles Heaps
Mary Botterbusch
Leslie Sipe
Prisco Monaco
Susan  Meier
Victor Kit
Judy Shipp
Peggy DeCosta
Cathy Latoof
Pat and Meg LeDuc
Charles Straining
Julie Rankin
Thomas & Aldona McNamee
Clark Owens

Harold & Barbara Ashmore

Susan Jeter

Margaret Holmes

Ann Marie Cordial
Dr. Jim Binko & Gloria Neubert
Roland  Rizzo
Merrell  Weiss
Virginia  Parker
John & Janice Stitt
Virginia  Craley
Pamela & Brad Luse
Gary & Susan Metzler
Sid & Susan Meier
Pamela & Brad Luse
Shawn & Kathy  Dunn
Dr. & Mrs. Paul  Sipe
Jean Safley
Kathleen O'Reagan
Reenie  Waller
Ryland Group
Rodger  Troupe & Susan Snyder
Leslie Margolis
Tommy & Linda Tucker
Margaret Strong
Ida Weiss
Mr. & Mrs. Jason  Flynn
Mr. & Mrs. Rex  Turner
Peggy DeCosta
Gregory Metzler & John Burklew

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