The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Auditorium at Mercy High School

Home of the Hunt Valley Symphony Orchestra & Chorale


Mercy High School is a private Catholic secondary school for young women sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy. Its mission is to offer students a superior college preparatory education in an environment rooted in Catholic values.
Mercy shares in the teaching mission of the Church, and grounds religious education in the Roman Catholic tradition. Encouraging a reflective and active Christian life, it challenges students to explore and develop their experience of faith through their own growth and decision-making, their participation in liturgy and prayer, their service to those in need, and their responsibility to work for justice in this world. Mercy welcomes students of other faith traditions.
Seeking the development of each student’s full human potential, Mercy emphasizes the values of personal responsibility and cooperation with others, the practice and attitude of careful and critical thinking, and the commitment to excellence.
Aware of the complexity and rapid change of today’s world, Mercy encourages students to confront contemporary issues and events, to examine them critically, and to respond to them from the base of clearly defined values.
Mercy assists students to understand themselves as women at this particular moment in history, and seeks to provide them with the insights and resources to respond to the challenges and opportunities that this offers.
Mercy seeks to serve a diverse group of young women. Rooted in the tradition of Catherine McAuley, founder of the Sisters of Mercy, it strives to create a spirit of hospitality, to model fairness and justice in interaction with students, and to provide a compassionate presence, especially to persons in need.

Mary Beth Lennon