•   MUSIC The symphony and chorale purchases music throughout the year which is performed at the concerts for the season.  The music is then kept in our music library and is available to local high schools and other symphonies on loan.
•   PUBLICITY Each year the Symphony & Chorale will produce professional programs for the season, business cards, posters, newspaper ads, television spots, and our website all to help promote the Hunt Valley Symphony & Chorale.
•   STAFF The Hunt Valley Symphony Orchestra & Chorale has assembled a dynamic and talented staff to lead the Orchestra & Chorale and manage the daily operations of the organization.


The HVSOC yearly operational costs include: advertising, venue rentals, equipment purchases, website, staff salaries, transportation, and many more. Your support helps us to fund the core costs of keeping the HVSOC financially healthy and ensures that we will be around for many years to come!  

Your contribution will provide:

SCHOLARSHIPS Each year the Hunt Valley Symphony & Chorale will award several scholarships to high school seniors perusing music in college.  High school seniors can also apply for a travel scholarship toward their visitations to their prospective colleges. Students of all grade levels can apply for scholarships to attend summer music camps, finance private music lessons, and attend workshops & conferences related to music.

Support the HVSO

  • MAIL your donation to:

Hunt Valley Symphony         P.O. Box 244        

Hunt Valley, MD 21031

  • Checks Payable to :                  Hunt Valley Symphony Orchestra
  • You can also donate online by clicking the link below.​

The Hunt Valley Symphony Orchestra & Chorale was created in January of 2013 with the vision of creating a professional level, non-profit community orchestra & chorale in the greater Hunt Valley area.

The mission of the organization is to:

  1. provide a community service to the greater Hunt Valley area by performing the finest available choral and orchestral works.
  2. provide a musical outlet for members of the community
  3. promote youth music education through scholarships and the development of future musical groups for youth

The organization presents several concerts throughout the year.  Our orchestra is made up of musicians who work as professional musicians, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and various other professions.  Our goal is to inspire young musicians to achieve their goals through scholarship and by making music accessible to them in their hometown.  Plans are in place to develop a youth orchestra and chorale in the near future.

We humbly ask for your support with the new and exciting organization.  The Hunt Valley Symphony Orchestra & Chorale offers many levels of sponsorships.  The HVSOC values donations of any amount as each donation plays a very important part in the yearly operation of the organization. 

The Hunt Valley Symphony Orchestra & Chorale is a non-profit 501c3 organization and all contributions are tax deductible.

Gregory Lauer

Executive Director & Founder